Teams must register beginning Aug 1 as if they were registering in Spring 2015. The same player eligibility rules apply.  See  Age Chart for full details

Teams must re-register to participate in any Fall events after Sep 1. You will not be able to enter any tournament until you have registered for 2015


Online Rosters:
Online rosters will now be mandatory for all State and National events. All teams must enter player information and submit rosters online prior to being scheduled for the USFA State Tournament / National Qualifiers / World Series.  If an electronic roster is not posted online and an issue or protest arises concerning a roster, it will be an automatic forfeit.  Any player(s) not listed on the electronic roster or add-on roster (World Series Only) prior to the start of bracket play will be disqualified.

Mandatory Age-Up
Team registration will run from August 1 through July 31. Beginning with the 2015 season (Aug 1, 2014 – July 31, 2015), all teams must “age-up”, as required to participate in events after August 1st. Tournaments and leagues played after August 1, will qualify teams for the following summer’s State and World Series Tournaments. Exception: August will be a transition month to allow teams to continue playing under the previous year’s registration or reregister and begin earning points toward the new season.


* Based on the number of entries

USFA Director Openings (Travel) :

State/Area Director openings in the following:

  • Colorado
  • Michigan
  • New Mexico 
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina
  • Texas (Dallas Area)
  • Texas (Austin/San Antonio)
  • Texas (West TX)
  • Virginia

If interested, please contact us for details.
Jeff Strode  O: (850) 537-2101 C: (850) 420-7974


USFA Rec League Director Openings:  

We currently have Rec League Directors openings in All States:

As USFA further expands into the Recreational / "C" Class arena, we are always looking for good people to help us better the leagues and tournaments in your area.

With the addition of the USFA "C" World Series in 2012 we want to get more and more youth teams involved in USFA

Local / Area / State Directors will be responsible for the promotion of USFA leagues and events in your area.

Contact us for more details.



United States Fastpitch Association (USFA) sanctions teams and provides rules for league and tournament play. USFA does not organize teams, select or approve coaches, players or volunteers for these teams. USFA strongly recommends that all parents of youth participants, as well as league officials, thoroughly check into the background and character of anyone (coaches, volunteers, or other individuals) that has contact with any minor participant or volunteer of their team or league.


USFA does not in any way allow or tolerate the abuse of children. If you know or suspect any child abuse (including sexual abuse or molestations) you must report it immediately to USFA at (850) 234-2839. USFA will conduct an investigation, keeping the safety of the children as the first priority. Knowing of instances of abuse and not reporting them may be grounds for dismissal and may result in legal liability. USFA will then notify the proper authorities regarding the allegations. USFA has the right to immediately suspend the accused party from participation in any USFA activity pending the outcome of the investigation. 






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