Teams must register beginning Aug 1 for the 2016 year.  The same player eligibility rules apply.  SeeAge Chart for full details.  The 2016 season begins Aug, 1, 2015, so teams must register for the 2016 year to play in Fall events after Sep. 1. 


Online rosters have replaced the paper roster.  All teams need to make sure rosters remain updated throughout the season.  This is very important and is the official record of assigned players to the team.  This is very important for insurance purposes as well.  We do not require individual insurance cards for players, but the players are required to be on roster for insurance purposes.  The online roster is mandatory for all USFA events. 

Mandatory Age-Up

Our season runs from Aug 1 through July 31.   All teams must "age-up", as required to participate in events after August 1st.  Teams will begin qualifying and earning points for the year beginning on Aug 1st.  If your teams age requires moving up on January 1st, then your team must age up at the beginning of the fall season which is the beginning of the new season.