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Schedule of Events


SUNDAY July 14th

 9:00 a.m. team line-up for parade at Pier Park. Map is located on our website for parking locations and parade route. Go to the World Series page to view the schedule of events and parade map.

 9:30 a.m. Parade begins

 11 a.m. Parade concludes

 1-2 p.m. Team moms meeting located at Frank Brown Park Gym (limited to 2 reps per team)

 2:15-4:15 p.m. Coaches meeting for 14 '43 A/B teams located at Frank Brown Park Gym (limited to 2 reps per team)

 4:30-6:30 p.m. Coaches meeting 16A/B, 18A/B and 10U, 12U, 14U C teams located at Frank Brown Park Gym (limited to 2 reps per team)

 The girls can wear whatever they want for the team parade (uniforms, shorts and flip flops, costumes, etc). Team banners are definitely used, but not necessary if you dont have one. Your girls can do whatever they want during this time (come up with a team cheer, etc). Please do not toss out candy, confetti or beads during the parade. Pier Park stores will be opening up immediately after the parade concludes and we will not have time to clean up after the parade.

 Trading pins are very popular with the girls. The girls trade with all the age groups--the more pins they have to trade the better. They can trade pins before and after the parade and during the week between games.

Rock’It Lanes will be available for a team social and pin trading from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Sunday evening. They will be handing out packages with passes and coupons at the team moms meeting and will have those available for the teams that attend that evening.

Rock’It Lanes  - 513 Richard Jackson Blvd, -Panama City Beach, FL 32407 (850) 249-2695   http://www.rockitlanes.com/


The gift exchange is the first bracket game on Wednesday. We suggest preparing 15 gifts to all the teams, just in case some teams come with a loaded bench. Better to have extra gifts than not enough. The average cost per gift is $10, but some teams have a larger budget than others. Whatever your girls would like, the other team is sure to like too. Teams bring items that represent their state or area, team pins, t-shirts, etc. The gift exchange is optional. If your sister team does not have gifts to exchange or if you have a bye, we will schedule another team for your girls to exchange with.

Holiday Golf Course will be offering discounts during the week to play. This is the web address for further information: http://holidaygolfclub.com/golf/ecom_v2/ecom.php

 Schedules will be available at the coaches meeting.

The time and location for the Welcome Party/team parade was shifted due to traffic, parking and safety issues. Teams will have the rest of the day to spend at the beach and plan other activities before pool games begin on Monday morning. The USFA Staff looks forward to seeing everyone arrive safely and having a memorable time at our World Series!


MON-WED 8AM Pool Play Games

WED - SAT 8AM Bracket Play Games



Opening Festivities, Pin Trading, Give-a-ways, games & entertainment will begin on, Sunday afternoon at Pier Park Festival Grounds

Frank Brown Park - 9 Field Complex is the Host Park for the USFA World Series.
Games will also be played Harders Park (7 Field)  and Oakland Terrace if needed
Details:  A great competitive tournament held on the beautiful beaches of Panama City Beach. The USFA World Series annually hosts 400-500 teams from all over the country. Panama City Beach, FL has been the host city for this event for the past 11 years, not only because of the the beautiful beaches, attractions and southern hospitality,  but also because Frank Brown Park is among the Best Softball Complexes in the Country.

In either event, your teams won't be disappointed!!  Opening Events with fun and prizes, Pin Trading, Team Gift Exchange, A Quality Event teams come back to year after year!!

Past World Series:  The USFA World Series attracts nearly 500 teams annually from all over the country. Panama City Beach is a softballer's town for two weeks. Everywhere you go you will see signs of softball -- from the beaches to the amusement park, shopping spots & restaurants --  you could always spot a smiling young girl with a softball tan.  Best of all the weather was magnificent and the competition on the field was evn better.

Tournament Format: The tournament is a 5 game format, 3 pool play and double elimination.
Umpires: Just as the teams will be from all over the country, the umpires will be as well. Select USFA sanctioned umpires will be chosen from various states to officiate this National Event.


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