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Event Name:  USFA World Series

   "B" World Series - July 11-16, 2005
"A" World Series - July 18-23, 2005

Location:  Panama City Beach, FL

Entry Fee:  $500 INCLUDES GATE FEE


                   ---- All balls furnished ---

      9 Field Softball Complex
Opening Festivities, Pin Trading, Give-a-ways, games & entertainment will begin on, Sunday afternoon at Frank Brown Park

Frank Brown Park - 9 Field Complex is the Host Park for the USFA World Series

Games will also be played at two other (6 Field and 4 Field ) facilities as well. (Details & Locations to come)

Details:  A great competitive tournament held on the beautiful beaches of Panama City Beach. The USFA World Series annually hosts 300-400 teams from all over the country. Panama City Beach, FL has been the host city for this event for the past 5 years, not only because of the the beautiful beaches, attractions and southern hospitality,  but also because Frank Brown Park is among the Best Softball Complexes in the Country.

Why Come to the World Series: This is a fantastic tournament to end your season with or to use as a warm-up to ASA Nationals like some ASA Champions did last year. Read about one 14U  team that enjoyed their time in Panama City Beach as much and maybe even more than winning the ASA National Title.
Softball Today Magazine  Dec/Jan Issue

In either event, your teams won't be disappointed!!  Opening Events with fun and prizes, Pin Trading, Team Gift Exchange, A Quality Event teams come back to year after year!!



Past World Series:  The 2004 World Series attracted nearly 400 teams from all over the country. Panama City Beach was a softballer's town for two weeks. Everywhere you went you saw signs of softball -- from the beaches to the amusement park, shopping spots & restaurants --  you could always spot a smiling young girl with a softball tan.  Best of all the weather was magnificent and the competition on the field was even better. Take a look at the 2004 World Series Website to see what you missed last year. Hopefully we'll see your team in 2005.

Tournament Format: The tournament is a 5 game format, 3 pool play and double elimination.
Umpires: Just as the teams will be from all over the country, the umpires will be as well. Select USFA sanctioned umpires will be chosen from various states to officiate this National Event.

College Exposure: All 16U / 18U Teams are asked to provide player information data sheets to be added to the college coaches booklets. 

Perfect Game Softball Scouting Report: USFA has teamed with Perfect Game Softball to help our older players get some added college exposure. Perfect Game will be hosting an Individual College Showcase in conjunction with the World Series for players ages 14 - 18 to showcase their skills. See ID Showcase for more details about this event.

Perfect Game Event Dates -  July 16 or 17:  (Players may sign-up for either date) An additional fee applies and team discounts are available. Full details about this event can be found on the Perfect Game Website


Perfect Game Softball is the Official Softball of USFA 




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