The Beginning:

United States Fastpitch Association (USFA) was founded in 1998 by John Cain in Panama City, Florida.  John is now the National Director of the fastest growing fastpitch organization in the country. Under his guidance and leadership, USFA has sanctioned thousands of teams from all over the United States and Canada.  The USFA World Series also continues to grow each year and annually hosts over 400 teams. 

The Purpose:

Though USFA continues to grow larger each year, the purpose will always remain the same -- to provide an enjoyable competitive atmosphere where players can thrive.  Because USFA is strictly a girls fastpitch organization we can cater specifically to the needs and desires of the fastpitch community. 

The Mission:

The mission of the USFA is to be a premiere girl's fastpitch organization.  USFA will give the coaches and players of amateur fastpitch the best possible rule book that is strictly fastpitch, not just a modified slow pitch or baseball rule book. Our rulebook gives the coaches the options that they want.  We have taken input from coaches throughout the country and have compiled the input into a streamline fastpitch rulebook.  It deals with the travel teams and recreation teams as well. 

The Future:

Each year USFA listens to your comments and concerns and makes the changes you want to see. For example, we know it is important to inform all of the fastpitch college coaches throughout the nation of our tournaments due to the growing scholarship opportunities for the girls.  We are compiling a massive mailing list so that the college coaches will know where fastpitch tournaments will be taking place. 

Recent and future improvements -  In 2005, we introduced a state-of-the-art website that enabled teams to register and roster online, find a USFA  tournament, request to host a tournament, track points and many other things. We are very excited about the new streamlined website and we hope you are as well.

Your Comments

We want to hear from you. If you feel there is something we can do better or rules you would like to see implemented, let us know.



USFA is steadily growing, year after year.......In 2012, USFA had well over four thousand sanctioned teams and approximately 600 of those teams competed at the USFA World Series and Nationals.


Why is the United States Fastpitch Association the fastest growing Fastpitch organization in North America?    

Because we are strictly Fastpitch! Run by Fastpitch people!  USFA continues to grow every year because we listen to Fastpitch coaches, players, parents  and umpires and make the changes they want to see. USFA rules are designed to accommodate players and teams from 8U thru 18U. The rules are streamlined, very easy to understand and  geared towards the Fastpitch community.


Good luck to all Fastpitch teams and we hope to see you at the World Series.  The World Series and area National Events will once again be major events with over 800 teams projected from across the United States and Canada.

Contact your State or Regional director for more information. 


If you do not have a director in your area, maybe YOU would like to become a part of the USFA Fastpitch Family!!!  

















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